All the horses on this site are hand-picked for their jump, their paces and most of all their temperament

We very much value our reputation for accurate descriptions of horses, enabling you to make an appropriate selection

We will not sell you a horse if we think he is not going to be suitable

We very much believe that for a horse to give their best, we must give them the best care. All horses are true athletes, and benefit from the same sort of care that human athletes expect

We started up this company after a lot of people were asking me to find or to resell a horse they purchased elsewhere and was not suitable for their needs most of which where totally over priced and in some cases un-described, unhealthy animals. After a lot of thought we decided to set up HP Stables and believe in selling you a quality animal at a sensible price and maintain our excellent reputation as we know the horse world is a small place and its not worth selling a bad horse and damaging our business as we take pride in our reputation.

We unlike other dealers yards believe to sell horses as described and suitable for your needs


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Looking for a genuine horse, pony or cob at a sensible price
Then give HP Stables a try, we are honest traders with 15yrs experience in matching horse and rider and sell with a 7 day money back warranty for extra peace of mind

Quality Imported Irish horses,ponies and cobs suitable for happy hacking, showing, show jumping, riding club activities, potential eventers and well seasoned hunters

All the horses we sell are healthy / happy animals and are open to any vetting and trial as well as carrying the correct passports/papers. We don't believe in selling over priced horses that are not what there supposed to be?

We sell sensible horses at sensible prices. We personally handpick our horses over in Ireland to ensure suitability for our customers. We have a good range of quality horses,cobs and ponies suitable for the nervous/novice/competent and experienced riders from happy hacking/riding club/pony club though to competition purposes

We have found this site to be an excellent way of reaching a diverse client base, and welcome your feedback on any aspect, technical or equestrian. If you like it please tell your friends, if not please tell us. We are always happy to discuss any concerns you may have about buying or selling a horse, so please do ring for a no-obligation friendly chat

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All Information and Prices are subject to change and HP Stables can take no reasonability for incorrect information on this site